New Wooden Garage Doors

There are few things that can make as big of a difference in the overall look and feel of your home as your garage. Sometimes a wood garage door is exactly what is needed. Aside from providing a very visually appealing look and feel wood garage doors come with other advantages as well. For instance wood is a fantastic natural insulator and great sound barrier from noisy neighborhoods or busy streets. They also do not dent or crack like some steel garage doors.

Is Wood the right choice?

Wood garage doors have their benefits, the most of which is their look. Although steel garage doors these days can be made to look like wood, there’s still something about a wood garage door that provides that look that can really compliment and home. As mentioned above they also stand up better to kids since they won’t dent or scrape like a lot of steel garage doors.

Why Choose A-1 for your new Wood Garage Door?
  • We can install any wood door that fits your home and budget!)
  • Fast service
  • High quality wood garage doors
  • Best warranties
  • Friendly installers!
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